Golden Garden Spiders – have flat head and thorax covered with whitish hair
Black with yellow markings

Large Orb Weavers – Found about houses in the fall
Legs are usually shorter and bodies not as big as Golden Garden Spiders

Wolf Spiders – Usually large and hairy
Not associated with webs
Look much worse than they are
Common in the fall looking for warm oislaces in the winter
Found around doors, windows, house plants, and garages
They are pictured to be venomous and likely to attack at any time, but this is not true

Jumping Spiders – are small, usually black with red or white markings
Often found in windows
Rarely bite

House Spiders – have “dirty” white and grey markings on their abdomen
Build complicated webs in corners, under tables and chairs, etc

Sheet Web Spiders – have a pair of dark bands across their yellowish head, thorax and abdomen regions
Common on shrubs and weeds around the house

All spiders – common in the fall
Found around doors and windows, house plants, basements, and garages
Brown Recluse and Black Widows are the only dangerous spiders in VA
Other spiders are beneficial, eating insects and other spiders
Brown Recluse is not common
Black Widow is common, but reports of biting are infrequent