Crickets & Camelback Crickets

House Crickets

  • Adults are ¾ – 1 inch long, light yellowish-brown with 3 dark bands on the head
  • Can be found in basements, crawlspaces, kitchens, fireplaces, behind appliances, behind baseboards, and other cracks, crevices, and wall voids.
  • Eat almost anything, often causing damage to wool and silk.
  • Nocturnal

Field Crickets

  • Slightly longer than House Cricket and is dark brown to grey or black
  • Prefer to live outside, but will come inside if food sources dry up or there are extreme temperatures.

Camel Crickets

  • Also known as Hump-Back Cricket
  • Light to dark brown and about ½ – 1 ½ inches long
  • Eat almost anything, most especially clothes
  • Found in crawlspaces and basements, but also live in cool damp areas such as under logs or stones