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Home Owner Services

Mares Exterminating offers valuable home owner services in addition to our pest control services. Our Home Owner Services cover:

  • Real Estate Needs
  • Moisture Control Services
  • Repair  & Remodeling Services

Real Estate Needs

Termite & Moisture Reports

house with bugWhen financing property by bank or Mortgage Company, lenders require the satisfactory completion of a termite and moisture inspection and submission of the NPMA33 form.  The termite and moisture inspection ensures that a lender is not making a loan on property with structural damage from pests or moisture which would seriously compromise the value of the property.  When speaking with real estate agents or mortgage personnel, the NPMA33 is often referred to a termite and moisture “letter” or when everything is fine, a “clear letter”. 

It isn’t always necessary to have a termite and moisture report – particularly if you are self-financing a property.  But even when a lender isn’t requiring one, you can make a “clear letter” part of the sales agreement.

Termite and moisture letters differ from home inspections in that the termite inspector is strictly looking for wood destroying insects or indications that they have been active there.  A home inspector investigates all of a home’s systems looking for potential flaws.

The Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) developed a voluntary certification for individuals conducting termite and moisture inspections for real estate closings.  The purpose of this certification was to obtain a higher level of proficiency and competence in pest inspectors.  All of our technicians who do real estate inspections have received this certification.  This means you can feel confident in the accuracy of your report.

Moisture Control Services

The Importance of Moisture Control

moisture houseBy their very nature, crawl spaces are dark places.  When you add high moisture content, conditions become ripe for the development of wood rot, fungi and insect infestations.  Our geographical location works against us with regard to moisture.  Warm air can hold more moisture than cold, and the warm, moist air from the nearby ocean keeps a higher than average amount of water in the air.  (Relative humidity is calculated as the amount of water vapor in the air versus the amount the air can actually contain before condensation as rain.  50% relative humidity is ideal for humans.)

A homeowner’s problem begins with water vapor or moisture being added to the air and variances of temperature of surrounding materials which cause condensation.  (Think of soup bubbling on a cold day and the associated steaming of the windows).  Moisture from condensation in walls and crawl spaces provides a perfect habitat for insects and fungi.  Moisture can collect in and on insulation, siding, drywall, pipes, ductwork, etc.  It causes wood to rot, and in winter, can freeze in small crevices thereby damaging building materials.

Keeping moisture in and under your home at acceptable levels goes a long way toward preserving the integrity of the structure and maintaining good air quality.  The solution to a moisture problem is as individual as the problem, and we have individuals trained to assess and recommend answers. 

Services we offer for moisture control

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Sand Installation
  • Moisture Barrier Installation
  • Automatic Foundation Vents
  • Sump Pump installation
  • High Volume Air Circulation Fans
  • Leak repair & wrapping of pipes and ductwork,
  • Gutter and downspout repairs

Fungus Treatments

In the event that a moisture problem has caused your home to have a problem with wood destroying fungi, we can treat (and repair) compromised areas.  

What is Fungus?

Fungi are plants which develop frequently in warmer, more humid climates such as ours.  They “feed” on wood, secreting chemicals that break down the cellulose and causing reduction to its strength.  Fungi thrive when the moisture content of wood rises above 20%. 

There are a variety of available treatments, and we can recommend the one which best fits your needs.  Regardless of the treatment, however, homeowners should correct the condition causing the moisture in addition to treating the fungus.

A Note About Crawl Space Encapsulation

Mares Exterminating Company, LLC does not recommend crawl space encapsulation and homeowners having their crawl spaces completely sealed will void their termite warranties.  For more information on our position, consult with one of our technicians.

Repair & Remodeling Services

hammer houseMares Exterminating Company, LLC holds a Class A Contractors License which provides for no limit on the size or scope of any project we undertake.  Our Home Repair division operating under Mares Contracting and we provide the following services:

  • Substructure Repairs – repairs of joists, sills, girders, band boards, sub-flooring, etc which have been damaged by termites, moisture or other issues.
  • Insulation Installation, removal, and replacement -
  • Trim Work
  • Home Improvements
  • Remodels

Did You Know About the 1% Rule?

  • Experts recommend that homeowners spend 1% of their home’s value on maintenance annually.   
  • Did you know that homeowners usually spend 3% of their home’s value on maintenance and renovation in their first year of ownership?

Let us help you keep your home looking great and your investment secure. Visit our Mares Contracting sister website at www.marescontracting.com